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reconfigure CPAN module preferences

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The first time you use the Perl module CPAN, a script is executed in order to properly configure several options (like the location of tar, gzip and unzip files, the cache size for the build directory, etc).

If you want to modify these configuration options at a later time, you can do it in 2 ways:

- Manually, modifying the configuration files

You can either modify the user-specific file (usually ~/.cpan/CPAN/ or the system-wide configuration file (stored somewhere in the perl module directory tree, look for a directory named CPAN that holds a file named

what is CPAN?

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CPAN (an acronym for Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) is a large collection of free Perl software and documentation.

One important feature is that all CPAN modules are free of charge, shareware or commercial modules are not allowed in the archive.

The url is; you will find there most of the modules that are available on the net.

If you want to search for a specific module, go to

To report a bug in a module or view the list of bugs, go to

There are 2 methods to install a module from CPAN:

  1. Download the "tarball" file and manually uncompress, build and install the module

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